Unlock new revenue from your property—
build space and property management for filming and events.

London is now the third busiest city in the world for film production with approximately 75% of the UK’s film industry being based in and around the Capital.

As such, the demand for both studio space and locations has never been greater. With a reported 500 hectares of empty or under-utilised land in London, we’re keen to find these hidden gems and give both land and property a new stream of revenue.

You’d be surprised at the kinds of properties we’re after: Car parks, Offices, Ex-industrial sites, Open-land and Hangars.

Potential Revenue

£1,500—£3,000 per day
Unit Base/Car Park
£750—£2,000 per day
£1,500—£3,000 per day
Warehouses/Build Space
£1,500+ p/d | £8,000—£30,000 p/w
£3,000—£4,000 per day
£2,000—£4,000 per day

Disclaimer: these figures are for guide use only to show the potential fees each type of property could earn. They are not guaranteed and are subject to individual shoot conditions.

Use and Timescale

These kinds of locations can be utilised for anything from build spaces for sets to actual locations and could be seen in the latest feature films, must-see TV series or even national advertising campaigns.

Timescales of shoots can vary from photo shoots lasting 1-2 days to TV dramas for 2-4 weeks to feature films for 6-9 months so whether your property is available for just a short period of time between tenancies or is vacant in the longer term prior to being developed, there is always potential to unlock new revenue by hiring it out for shoots.

What Locate can do for You

We will manage and promote your property as a film and photographic location, potentially opening it up to a new source of income. We’d be responsible for organising site visits, negotiating fees and raising the paperwork.

We’ve been able to house productions from the likes of MGM, Universal, FOX, Sony Pictures, Paramount, CBS Films, BBC and many more in a wide range of properties. The below images show just a small example of the kinds of properties used by these productions.