Jaguar Accessories

Director / Martin Bennett
Agency / Accenture Song

Moving Image


We produced film content to help sell MCF Jaguars and to encourage people to configure E/I/F-PACE Jaguars and upsell their accessories that match and enhance their adventurous lifestyle. Producing three 60 second films that were required in various formats, lengths and cut downs for use as AV content, stills for JDX, configuration, social media and eCommerce.

Working with Director Martin Bennett the scripts were brought to life with authentic scenes of adventure, which weren’t without their challenges. Calling upon our casting expertise which required a very specific and skilled talent, such as SUP yogi’s to dogs that matched their ‘owner’ in style-and-look, all whilst finding the best locations to shoot in that would give variety and individuality to each script. 

We had various camera units working at the same time across different locations to achieve three scrips in only two days.  From shooting underwater, to flying drones the lengthy summer daylight hours worked in our favour helping the Motion and Stills team achieve everything.  We were heavily involved with the script development, storyboarding, wardrobe and props provisions whilst ensuring safety was paramount by engaging vets, covid supervisors, traffic management and medics.

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