“We are driven to make society a healthier place.” – Edward Johnstone, founder TSP

Here at Locate Productions we are committed to encouraging a ‘green ethos’ to try and do our bit to combat the effects of climate change and the disastrous impacts this has on our planet. We support local businesses and trade as part of this.

One thriving, local business that we are proud to support is the The Sussex Peasant (TSP). Based in Sussex, TSP is a mobile farm shop that aims to bring the finest local and seasonable produce from sustainable Sussex farmers to the local people. Their main goal is to inform people of the value of local produce and educate them on where and how their food is sourced.

One of the founders of TSP, Ed Johnstone said;

“It makes sense for Sussex residents to source their food from their own county and we make it possible for them to eat home-grown, quality produce all year around. Our vegetables are organic and our traditional, native breeds of Sussex livestock are free range and 100% pasture fed. We work directly with family run farms in Sussex in an effort to make seasonal, Sussex produce more convenient to people here in Sussex.”

 When speaking with TSP we were disturbed to hear that only 1% of food farmed in the home counties remains there to be consumed by the local community – a statistic that TSP are setting out to change.


At Locate we were very keen to get involved and help promote TSP, so we introduced them to Jack Boniface – one of the photographers we work with (www.jackboniface.com). Jack was eager to get involved and is based down in Brighton so seemed like the perfect fit!

Jack Said, “The Sussex Peasant are an interesting company to work with as they are more representative of the farmers/producers than clients. They share a common philosophy with their producers in that what they sell, grow, or catch is directly related to the season. By having this close relationship with producers they are able to explain and sell the best produce for any given time of year, meaning first class products that are also sustainable, eco-friendly, and varied as a by product of just being logical.”

Jack spent the day with TSP suppliers learning more about what they do and their partnership with TSP.

Ed said, “Jack is an incredibly talented photographer and his skill is clear. Through his work he has a wonderful way of vividly capturing the reality, hard work and craft of sustainable and traditional farming methods. As such, he captures The Sussex Peasant brand – what we do and how we it do it – seamlessly. He is also a very good bloke! I think this is key as it has allowed him to get to know and glean a deeper understanding of our objectives more closely.”









It is a challenging task that TSP have set for themselves but no doubt an important one that needs to be encouraged. Ed mentioned most difficult thing about it is to stay focussed on their objectives without giving in to distractions due to the enormity of the task ahead – to change the face of food retail opportunities.

TSP has had a great impact on the local community with the importance of sustainable, local farmed produce becoming more of a mainstream topic of conversation. There is an ever growing ‘discerning’ customer base who are now becoming interested in operations like The Sussex Peasant. Since launching 2 years ago TSP have seen real traction in their ability to draw various different parts of the community together and make the food experience one to look forward to rather than one to dread.

“Something we are most proud of has been our success in creating a community hub where we trade: people come to shop, chat and meet up. Our customers have the ability to trace all food that is bought, safe in the knowledge that it has come direct from the farmers of Sussex.”

TSP has been running as a social enterprise in Brighton for two years and have won the ‘BBC Food Farming Award’ in 2018 and this year were awarded ‘Farm Shop of the Year’ in the National Rural Awards. Going forward, they hope to open up more mobile farm shops in Sussex and look further afield for similar networks of farms with mobile shops to offer support in other counties around the UK.




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When the AOP approached Angus, producer and co-owner of Locate Productions to ask if we wanted to be featured in one of their weekly newsletters, we jumped at the chance. A big thank you to the AOP for this opportunity to share some of our insight, ways of working and thoughts for the future.

As news begins to trickle in of the industry preparing to open up to a different working world, we were pleased to hear our friends at Locate Productions are busy prepping for jobs in June. Following the post-pandemic production guidance, Locate are well positioned to provide safe production services for all your needs. We caught up with Angus Light to find out more about their services as well as their stance on sustainability in the industry.

Can you tell us more about what services Locate Productions provides for professional photographers?

For both photographers and moving image clients, we have two ways in which we can help; location solutions and/or full production services. Often, a brief starts with the need for the location (and sometimes that’s all our clients require) but frequently develop into the wider production needs of casting, styling, transport, crew, equipment and more.

We started out in the late 90’s and are now a team of 15 location scouts and producers, based in London, Brighton & the South West. During this time we’ve worked in all corners of the UK and more than 40 countries; from global campaigns on the busy streets of London, to shooting simple backplates on frozen rivers in Scandinavia or deserted islands off the coast of Brazil. Safe and smooth production management is at the core of how we produce shoots, with no project too big or too small.

China DarioMitidieri © Dario Mitidieri

What can you offer over other production companies?

We have an ever-growing library of over 10,000 locations both in the UK and abroad. This complements our wealth of production knowledge gained from over 20 years of ‘on-set’ experience shooting around the world, across both stills and moving image. Ultimately, our skills come from working as a team, sharing ideas and collectively finding solutions.

Grass NadegeMeriau    © Nadege Meriau

Having been a speaker at our recent sustainability event can you talk about the actions Locate Productions have taken to be more sustainable and what advice can you offer to others to make a difference?

Sustainability as a whole can feel quite challenging and unwieldly so here at Locate we’ve broken things down into smaller, more manageable situations, which are based on three key strands within our working environment. When presented in small bite-size portions hopefully people will feel the solutions are more achievable, aligned with a general shift in the mindset on how to move forward.

On Shoots & in Production:

  • We use bicycle couriers and carbon negative taxi companies
  • We recycle our waste and have our own water bottles and keep-cups and have started trialing Voltstack batteries as replacements for portable generators
  • We promote vegetarian, seasonal and locally sourced menus to our clients
  • We use public transport wherever possible including train travel rather than car or plane where possible (if safe, given the present situation)
  • We have a network of international production partners to service shoots locally which can reduce the need to travel

Behind the Scenes:

  • We use Good Energy as our as our office energy supplier and our website hosting company, Erjjio, runs off renewable energy
  • Our staff and crew have completed carbon literacy training through the BAFTA/Albert initiative and we use Albert’s carbon calculator to work out how much carbon we produce on our shoots and then explore ways we can reduce or offset this
  • We add an optional ‘1% For the Planet’ to our invoices which, at present, goes directly to a scheme in Romania called Forests Without Frontiers, reforesting the Carpathian mountains

Wider Culture of Sustainability:

  • We are members of organisations who promote a sustainable film, TV and photographic industry; Albert, AdGreen, Purpose Disruptors
  • We support smaller organisations who need content to spread their message
  • We attend events and contribute to the ongoing discussions on how to achieve a low-carbon economy and what that looks like for our industry


Rooftop Trigger © Trigger

What is the most obscure location you have shot in?

Possibly Western China where we searched for a remote mountain range, which involved the final leg of the trip on a donkey. But obscure can also be closer to home; once we needed to find a location with a very specific grass length of about 12cm for a fruit drink campaign, but also things like a cityscape helipad for a car shoot and a zumba class in Manchester for This Girl Can.

ZumbaClass AdamHinton © Adam Hinton

What’s next for you?

In the immediate future; starting to shoot safely again. We’ve started working again on projects and are devising ways of delivering the content required by our clients, in a safe manner, following the Covid 19 industry guidelines. Longer term; to continue delivering the high quality of production on new and interesting projects, whilst working towards a zero carbon industry.

Published with the permission from the AOP. The original blog can be viewed here – https://www.the-aop.org/what-s-on/news/post/2020/05/29/focus-locate-productions

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