Locate Productions, London 'supplying locations to productions'.

Locate Productions is a location and photographic production company specialising in finding, organising and producing locations for film, TV, photography and events. Either through our extensive location library or by researching and scouting our aim is to find your ideal location. Beyond this we're able to offer a very experienced location management team and bespoke photographic production service for those that require it...

Location Library:

We have a constantly growing location library on line, which can be viewed by anyone. It gives access to a diverse choice of locations ranging from stylish apartments to derelict warehouses, mountain roads to underground car parks. Our library can be searched (and refined) by category, keywords or areas and you can save potential locations by creating your own 'light box' and forward them to clients and colleagues.

Location Scouting:

If we do not have the location you require in our library, we can scout new locations. We will supply a range of options specifically suited to your brief and will photograph the locations showing various camera angles, working area and sun direction, dimensions etc as required. The shots can be added to a private page on our web site, unique to your project.

Location Management:

Once the location is found, we'll continue to liaise with the owner of the location, confirming the fee, forming the contract and organising access times and arrangements. We can manage the location on the day of the shoot, ensuring the location meets your requirements, is sufficiently protected and ensure that all access and facilities are put in place.

Photographic Production:

Not only do we source locations, but we can also help with other parts of your jobs. We can source, brief, oversee and manage crew, casting, model making, set building, lighting, SFX, styling etc.