We are hiring! Library Co-Ordinator / Booker

Please see job spec below and circulate to anyone you think may be interested.

To apply please email your CV and a covering letter to locate@locateproductions.com addressed Job Ad. To arrive no later than Sunday 24th November. Interviews to be staged week of December 2nd, position to be filled in time to start Monday 6th January.

Any questions please call Nichola on 020 7978 1688.

Library Co-Ordinator / Booker, Locate Productions Ltd

The Company

An exciting opportunity has arisen in the Location Library Department of Locate Productions, one of the UK’s leading location and photographic production companies.  Locate Productions find, organise and produce location shoots for the TV and photographic industry all over the UK and abroad and are in the process of expanding the business in an environment that is becoming more and more competitive.

The Role

This is a great opportunity to work within a team of experienced location finders and producers, where creative awareness and organisational skills will be essential to the role.  You will be required to:

  • Deal with new location enquiries by phone and by email
  • Convert these enquiries into actual bookings
  • Understand and interpret creative briefs
  • Understand brief formats such as storyboards, layouts, written descriptions and verbal interpretations
  • Work closely with the Library Manager to continue to grow and develop the library
  • Research and secure new locations for the portfolio
  • Work with the team to ensure the successful launch of the new website due early next year.


Clearly, as a new member of the team, you will be given a thorough induction and training for the role, but we expect:

  • Strong time management skills as the nature of the job requires multitasking on a number of jobs at various stages of progress
  • Organisational skills as briefs often change at short notice, requiring the ability to react to change and make decisions fast
  • A team player; we are a small hard working team, so we expect the same, dedication and teamwork!
  • A strong communicator; you will be dealing directly with clients and will be expected to develop a close working relationship with them
  • A strong negotiator; you will be handling negotiations between the location owner and client to produce the location agreement
  • Knowledge and experience of the TV, photographic and film industries
  • A genuine enthusiasm for interior design, architecture and photography
  • An understanding of London geography in particular
  • An understanding of Macs, photoshop, word and excel
  • A thick skin and a sense of humour would help

Competitive salary and benefits


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LA comes to London

When Location Manager Nick Williams asked me to come and assist him on a shoot in Los Angeles – i didn’t question that he might be joking! I thought … that sounds reasonable, we have the contacts, we location manage, we produce all over the world ‘Yes of course I’ll assist!’ I soon learned that I was to throw on a vest, wrap up in thermals, put my long-johns on, as we were really shooting at a London location dressed as LA! (Very funny Nick!) But what a fantastic day it panned out to be, plus we saved money on flights! Special shout out to our top Locator Angus for finding this fantastic, film friendly location whilst out scouting!

…in came art department with palm trees, ‘Los Angeles Times Newspaper’ stands, in drove the limo, the yellow taxi, and out rolled the red carpet – even the paparazzi showed up! (Also known as #extras!) The weather may not have been quite the Californian climate but the lighting guys quickly turned this around! Los Angeles had officially come to London!

Thanks to all the crew and cast; due to everybody’s hard work we even wrapped early for once #4pm! We will keep you posted as to when this is released!

Follow us on twitter @LocateProds to see what we are up to….



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Locate Goes Fishing

The Locate gang downed tools and headed to Brighton for a day of fishing last week. We spent a glorious morning scouting the best fishing spots off the South coast. Queen of the sea was Holly Charlton – who managed to catch fish even whilst napping!

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Sky Super Heroes Season

Here’s a quick sneak-peak of some of the “destruction” brought to the streets of London last summer for Sky’s Super Heroes Season advert.

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Wandsworth BEST

The Locate team has had an extra member recently – in the form of Rakeem Caesar. Aspiring director Rakeem came to us via Wandsworth BEST, a Wandsworth organisation which helps young people in the borough gain skills and work experience in industry. He was out and about in proper production style and had a nice introduction to the lovely crew hours!

We’d also like to say a big thank you to Andy Knights for helping out and giving Rakeem a taste of the world of production.

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Behind The Scenes for Morgan Spurlock’s New Britannia

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New Year, New Campaign

We produced this awareness campaign for Dylan Collard on behalf of Battersea Dogs Home at the end of the year. A worthy issue – check out what BDH have to say about the lovely Staffies: http://www.battersea.org.uk/dogs/staffies.html

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Campaign Against Drink Driving 2011

We’ve been busy this month working with Chris Frazer-Smith on this year’s CADD campaign.

For more information about CADD, check out their website: http://www.cadd.org.uk/



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We produced the new Halifax X logo for Chris Frazer Smith with Adam and Eve. With Halifax employees being brought in from all over the UK, Alex and Angus had to mount a military-style operation getting them through central London at rush hour. Once they were there though they had a pretty nice day lined up – with massages and mini-golf in between shots!

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AOP Awards

As sponsors of the AOP Awards this month, we had a stand at the AOP Exposure day on Thursday 29th September. We brought down our favourite shoot catering and spent the day meeting people from across the industry.

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