Locate’s Team

Locate Productions consists of a highly qualified and energetic team of location managers, location scouts and photographic producers, based in London. We specialise in finding, organising and managing locations for film, television, photography and events. We have worldwide  experience of film and photography in every continent except the Antarctic. Our location library has an extensive range of locations at your fingertips. Whether you are looking for a housing estate in London, castle in the UK, a beach in Brazil; whatever your location requirement, we are the people to call.

Angus Light (the captain) legend of the Locate team, leader and totally committed to the well being of both our crew and clients. His attention to detail is immense and his standards high, oh yes, very high. No surprise that his work is top drawer.



Eddie Standish (Spanish Eddie, now East Dean Eddie) true all-rounder and jet-setter. Never shy of the BIG job in the middle east, or the round the world trip he produces and manages shoots for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Fine wines, fine foods and fine quality work.




Luke Jackson () Locate’s own IT geek and general systems bore, Luke is keen for our systems to function smoothly, without fuss as well as his shoots, which do. No stranger to big or small challenges he is ever flexible and  always strives to deliver.



The other key members of our team are:

Holly Charlton, library manager, producer, production manager, Holly is based in the office and has been there from the beginning. She actively promotes the library and internal standards and demands the best, she is a brilliant negotiator and has a vast knowledge and experience of libraries and the London scene and is of high net worth to Locate.




Becca Ehrlich, office manager, production manager, researcher and all round good egg, without Becca the Locate office would run aground, she is a joy to work with and keeps everything ticking over like a finely tuned engine and is always one step ahead of the game.




Alex Pasley-Tyler, photographic producer, the style and fashionista guru of Locate. Alex is truly wonderful at running big photographic productions all over the world. Reliable, charming, efficient and rock solid are a few of the many qualities which make photographers, clients and crew love to work with her.


Nick Williams, is the beating heart of the film division, ever reliable, ever present and ever good humoured even though he is a Villa fan. Nick works all hours to get the job done and leaves nothing to chance; phenomenal dedication and commitment to the filming cause, a real asset.





Jack Boniface, location and photographic assistant. A Genuine Blackpool lad, Jack is one hard-working chap. Jack will always go out of his way to be helpful and provide any set with some good-humoured banter. He also has a particular fondness of posh pigeons.








Mike Baldock

Nick Hale

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