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Locate Productions is a full service production company and location library. We provide photographers and advertising agencies with stills, moving image, film production and location scouting services.

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“Thank you for making shoots so easy and so much fun. Having shot on quite a lot of sets now you really do have a certain magic!

Nick Hall, Photographer (Swerve Reps London and Greenhouse Reps New York)

“Just to say thanks again for the usual Locate magic. It was a big number and massively appreciated the support you gave me and the team. See you on the next one….”

Cressida Ranfield, Producer, ITV Creative

"Locate Productions are our ‘go-to’ location agency, they are vastly experienced and offer a location catalogue on their website which we regularly use."

Andy Sewell, Photographer, Black Dog Represents

Thinking of becoming a shoot location owner?

Have you ever found yourself wondering about the houses you see on screen, or in your favourite magazine? ‘Where do they find them?’ ‘Is it just a set, or an actual home?’ At Locate, we use real houses owned by real people for our shoots, and are always open to discovering new locations to add to our location library. Have a read of our blog post on the subject or contact us now: 020 7978 1688 or email: locate@locateproductions.com