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We are an independent service production company producing stills & moving image content for the digital advertising industry.

We understand the pressures of delivering great work, quickly & on budget. With connections to some of the world's best talent & an extensive global location library, we are perfectly positioned to service the production needs of photographers, directors, creative agencies & brands.
About Us
Our Mission Locate Productions

We want our work to have a positive social and environmental impact and our industry to be a catalyst for change in the world. Making great purpose lead work, that treats people with respect and dignity that is aligned to a healthy, thriving planet is at our core. Working with industry bodies we are at the forefront of shaping a production industry that is compatible with a sustainable planet, a fair society and a low carbon economy.

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Values & Culture


We fulfil our production remits in a way that is compatible with a healthy and sustainable planet, using values that are aligned to a fair and just society. We want our work to have a positive impact, priding ourselves not only on working with the best but being challenged by the best. We don't work for fossil fuel companies, but we do support small businesses and non-profits in need of our services. 


The best work happens when the most suitable team and talented crew come together. Our crew & suppliers are experts in their field and our producers strive to support their virtuosity along the creative journey. Our 17 years in the business, working with people worldwide, has made us who we are.


Underpinned by high standards and fairness, our working culture is a happy one. We believe in people and we partner with like-minded organisations that share thoughts and ideas which will ultimately help develop a sustainable way or working. The role of business goes far beyond profit.

The team

Meet us

  • 1. Angus

    Angus Light

    Co-Founder & Head of Production

  • 4. Amanda

    Amanda Jenkins


  • Nick Hale

    Nick Hale

    Global Exec Producer

  • Alex Hill

    Alex Hill


  • 7. Felicity

    Felicity Counsell

    Head of Locations

  • 12. Nick W

    Nick Williams

    Location Manager

  • 13. Daz

    Darren Pratt

    Location Manager

  • 14. Matilda

    Matilda Denny

    Researcher & Production

  • 3. Sarah

    Sarah Hughson

    Finance Manager

  • 8. Tina

    Tina Morreale

    Finance Anaylst

  • Max

    Max Blunt

    Location Assistant

  • Eddie

    Eddie Standish


  • PHOTO 2022 09 22 12 37 55 Copy

    Rachel Rogers

    Comms Manager

  • 17. Kat Thay

    Kat Thay

    North American Rep

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Independent & impartial production service for photographers, directors, agencies, & brands. Specialising in production across stills, motion & experiential, worldwide.

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