Environmental Impact

Sustainability is integral to what we do, so we’ve teamed up with like-minded companies & organisations to learn more, share ideas & endeavour to find low-carbon solutions for our industry. 

October 2018: The UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) announce that we have 12 years to act in order to keep global temperature rises within 1.5 degrees of pre-industrial levels, and this is needed if we want to avoid catastrophic climate change.

We add an optional ‘1% for the Environment’ line item to our invoices which goes towards supporting bio-diversity projects and helps drawdown on carbon that already exists in the atmosphere.

We partner with Forests Without Frontiers who are helping reforest the Carpathian Mountains in Romania. Since November 2019 we have planted approx. 12,682 trees+. We don’t class this as offsetting.
To reach net zero by 2030, we need to reduce our emissions wherever possible, whilst at the same time maximising our support for re-wilding & biodiversity projects.
The Planet
10 companies helping us

01. Good Energy

We use Good Energy as our gas & electricity supplier. This is through the Creative Energy Project set up by Albert & helps save approx. 3.2 tonnes of CO2 annually. Switching energy supplier to 100% renewables is the single easiest & biggest thing we can do. It has minimal cost implications, is very quick and has significant emission savings.

02. Erjjio Studios

Our web hosting is taken care of by Erjjio Studios who use renewable energy. Research has shown that on a global scale, the internet contributes to a similar amount of CO2 as air travel. They also plant 50 trees per month on our behalf.

03. Gripvan

Our sister company & equipment supplier Gripvan has both electric delivery bike & van. Depending on capacity they are happy for their vans to transport other items so reducing the amount of vehicles on a shoot.

04. Quantum Waste

We minimise printing, recycling & compost where possible to minimise our waste to landfill. When shooting on location, we use Quantum Waste, a socially responsible waste collection company. 

05. Pedalme

Pedalme provide a 90% reduction in carbon emissions compared to petrol or diesel vans. Since we started using them, they’ve covered more than 398km for us.

06. City Harvest

We work with City Harvest for any leftover food from shoots to minimise food waste & help the growing number of people reliant on food donations.

07. Olio 

Olio allows us to re-home unwanted sets, props & costumes by connecting us with neighbours & local business'.

08. Ecosia

We use Ecosia as a search engine who plant trees in return for the amount of searches it carries out. 

09. VOLTStack

Where budgets & time allow, we use Portable Electric’s VOLTStack batteries instead of portable generators. However, energy efficiency depends largely on how the batteries are charged and the transport emissions involved in the delivery & collection.

10. Green Tomato Cars

Our go-to taxi service is Londons only dedicated zero-emission taxi service Green Tomato Cars, as they double offset all emissions.  

Its not just a day job. Outside of production, we are active in supporting organisations & industry bodies working towards a zero-carbon future. We are an affiliated member of Albert & all our staff & core freelancers carry out carbon literacy training.

We contributed towards the Ad Net Zero PDF report launched in November 2020 which outlines the Advertising Association’s commitment to reaching (real) Net Zero by 2030.

We attend events & support the Purpose Disruptors - an inspirational group of ad industry insiders whose aim is to use the advertising industry as a means for creating positive change. They launched a report on Advertised Emissions at COP26 which outlined how ad agencies become responsible for the emissions they create through their work.


We support CutIt - a crew-led initiative set up to reduce the impact of the film & TV industries on the environment.

We are members of Creatives for Climate, a community of creatives using their skills to bridge the gap between the creative arts & scientific communities, in an effort to tackle climate change.  

In 2019 we signed up to the Create & Strike campaign, joining millions around the world by closing our office for the day and attending the Global Climate Strike. 

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