AOP Special Sustainability Event & Awards Roundup

04 October 2023

A few weeks back the Association of Photographers newly formed Sustainability Working Group held its first live event about the challenges and successes of transitioning to a low-carbon future, hosted by Holly McGlynn.

MPB talked about how important the circular economy is and how their model of buying and selling used cameras is proving such a success.  

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Cat Long from AdGreen shared findings around the highest polluting aspects of production such as flying, single person car travel, meat consumption and waste; and how their carbon calculator and free online training is helping educate the production sector.

Hat and Eleanor Margolies talked about how sustainability is embedded into the workflow at Lucid Reps.

Locates Angus Light took part in a panel discussion with photographer Sarah Cresswell, Roxy Erickson from CreativeZero and Will MacNamara from Creatives for Climate Community about the type of work we do as an industry and how we make decisions on what brands to work for.

It was so refreshing to see such a wide ranging audience at the sold out event, consisting of some of the UK's leading creatives, photographers, producers, stylists, photo agents and suppliers.

Not only do we have a moral obligation to minimise the impact of how we work but there is a clear business case for working this way. But also to consider the potential this community of image makers and storytellers has; to use its skills, talent and expertise in being integral to communicating the solutions available to us and the change needed for a sustainable future.

Passenger and courier cyclists Pedal Me were on site for the day and shuttled attendees on to the AOP Awards at Village Underground - the greenest, and most fun way to travel around town.

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AOP Awards

Hosted by AOP President Tim Flach, AOP Chair Hamish Crooks and CEO Isabelle Doran the winners of each category were announced to the backdrop of exceptional work on show and to a packed-out audience made up of finalists, AOP members, key industry representatives and sponsors.

Huge congratulations go to Sophie Ebrard, Julia Fullerton-Batten and Andy Lo Pò for receiving Gold awards for their extraordinary projects.  With steep competition we’d like to congratulate all the finalists especially those who we have worked with closely, Kate Abbey, Sam Barker, Sam Bénard, Samuel Hicks, Nick Meek and Emma Tunbridge. 

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Thanks to everyone who joined us at our after party drinks co-hosted with Gripvan. We hope you enjoyed the great vibes as much as we did, it was brilliant to see so many of you there.

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