AOP & Creative Zero. Sustainability in Stills & Short Form Event

25 May 2022

Locate Productions' Founder Angus Light sits on the panel with the AOP, Creative Zero, Ad Green and the Advertising Association to discuss the 'why, what and how' of sustainability in Stills and short form. 


This event aimed to demystify sustainability within photography and short form production. Emphasising the business case for photographers and producers to be developing low carbon ways of working, along with showing you how to measure CO2e emissions from your shoots and use that data to benefit your clients and business. 

Carbon reduction techniques were discussed to help production make decisions that will help bring the industry into the green economy. Industry suppliers were also part of the conversation as businesses who have made commitments towards greener work practices.

Speakers included: 
    • James Best from the Advertising Association
    • Roxy Erickson and Kati Hall from Creative Zero
    • Cat Long from AdGreen
    • Angus Light from Locate Productions
    • Kai Bastard from Bad Star Studios
    • Liam Bergin from Perma Collective
    • Alice Timms from The Styling Bank
    • Andrew Morgan from Gripvan
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