Our Trip to Cannes Lions

26 June 2023

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A massive thanks to Aisling Conlon and Quianna Maw at the UK Advertising Association for making Cannes Lions a week to remember. As part of the UKAEG our co-founder Angus Light was based at the LBB Beach along with other members of UKAEG who attended and made it such an enjoyable visit.

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The trip included;

- The GREAT Global Dinner hosted by UKAEG.

- A Japan Roundtable hosted by UKAEG event chaired by Steve Davies from the APA.

- Meeting the Ad Net Zero team and hearing about their announcement that supporters are now required to publicly declare a “science-based net zero target”.

- Attending the Next Level Climate Summit held by Creatives for Climate and supported by Clean Creatives and Purpose Disruptors - organisations that continue to hold the advertising industry to account and help it transition to a low-carbon future.

- Conversations around B-Corp certification, visualising a future where businesses focus on People and Planet, as well as Profit.

- Panel discussions around Purpose in advertising and how brands and agencies are needing to embed this into their structures and wider strategy, rather than short term add-ons.

- A lovely dinner with Bella Terzi from PSB films in the Ukraine and Michael Kaliski who runs Green The Bid in the US.

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“I’ve certainly learnt a lot from my first trip to Cannes Lions - thanks to all for taking the time to speak with me. Looking forward to collaborating with many of you soon and channeling our creativity in the direction it is needed.” Angus Light

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Using the AdGreen Carbon Calculator we measured the CO2e from the trip;

London to Cannes Rtn by Train = 14kg 
Mid range accommodation x 3 nights = 4kg
Walking around Cannes = 0kg
Meals 9 x Vegetarian = 7kg
Total = 25kg C02e

Could have been;
London to Cannes Rtn by Plane = 546kg
Hotel x Top range x 3 nights = 6kg
8 miles Petrol Taxi = 4kg
Meals, 3 Beef, 3 Fish, 3 Pork = 45kg
Total = 626kg C02e

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