Creative Mentor Network

17 August 2022

We've had a great time mentoring our first mentee Troy Sutherland as part of the Creative Mentor Network.  Breaking into the creative industries is hard, the tradition of it being about 'who you know' puts barriers in the way and our industry therefore doesn't reflect the diversity of our society.  We jumped at the chance to get involved and give back to an initiative that is about breaking down these barriers, welcoming diverse young talent and working towards making the creative industries more inclusive.

"During the time I spent working on set and talking to people, I learnt that there was not one way or path you take in order to form a career in the production industry. It takes trial and error, finding what you enjoy and don’t enjoy, and also what you’re good and not good at. The past four months have been an amazing invaluable experience and I am thankful that Angus has shared his passion, giving me the tools to move forward in my career." - Troy Sutherland

Our Producer Amanda Jenkins' has just enrolled for 2023s training scheme. Find out more about the Creative Mentor Network scheme. We really recommend getting involved. 

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