Follow the White Rabbit

01 November 2022

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Follow the White Rabbit show stories of creativity driven by passion and dedication regardless of recognition, age, gender, class or race. These are journeys filled with inspiration, frustration, heartbreak and beauty. The documentary proposes diverse and intriguing narratives tied together by the same overriding compulsion of artists to create. 

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The project filmed in the UK, Rwanda - where Producer Amanda Jenkins joined them on the ground, and the USA and will continue main filming in further countries later this year and is slated for release in 2024. 

Sending crew and equipment to work around the world always presents different challenges, as for Rwanda and the USA. Insurance, safety and security, customs clearance, visas, work and filming permits, access to local crew, equipment and logistical support are all considered in pre-production planning for each territory.

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For example, visa requirements are more complex for the USA, where different types of media work have a specific visa, whereas in Rwanda the visa process is fairly straight forward but filming permits for the crew and locations are the challenge. Conversely, regarding customs clearance for filming equipment, Rwanda is not part of the ATA Carnet Countries and other provisions need to be in place but taking equipment into the USA is a standardised procedure.

Of course, knowledge is key and we couldn’t make these projects happen the way we do without brilliant people on the ground.

A special mention to a couple of extraordinary local partners - Hellen in Kigali and David in New Orleans - thank you for all your brilliant efforts always going above and beyond with us.

Though filming globally, the project minimises its carbon footprint by travelling with only essential crew and equipment, using local resources where possible and by travelling economy.

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It’s a joy for Locate to be supporting such an ambitious project and draw on our skills working internationally across many cultures, all whilst holding our carbon footprint in mind. 

A teaser is in the making and we’ll keep you updated with this!


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Director | Daniel Turner
Co-Director / DOP | Simon B Thorpe
Producer | Amanda Jenkins

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