We say no to fossil fuels

01 February 2021

Locate Productions has committed to not work for fossil fuel companies and we are asking others within advertising production to do the same. We know that to make true impact we need to work together collaboratively. With that in mind, we will be proud to give any of our competitors a shout-out if they will join us in this commitment. We understand the urgency of tackling the climate crisis is such that our individual and collective responsibility goes far beyond addressing our operational emissions but also to the work we create and how it impacts consumer behaviour.

The Purpose Disruptors’ Advertised Emissions report, launched at COP26, includes data showing that 'advertising is adding an extra 28% to the annual carbon footprint of every single person in the UK’. The 5th Action in the Ad Net Zero 2030 report refers to 'advertising’s power to support consumer behaviour change’.

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This is not an easy decision for a small business with staff on payroll and rent and bills to pay but we are motivated by our clients who provide us with a range of brand work outside of fossil fuel brands. We’re also aware energy corporations are able to transition from fossil fuels to renewables, of which we are in full support, e.g. Orsted. 

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We know that they have had the knowledge and ability to transition for some time now and we look forward to supporting these corporations once they have made that transition.

However, the climate emergency is real and is now. If the global population are to make the required emission reductions by 2030 to stay within 1.5° warming, we each must individually align our time, skills and resources with the positive and progressive impact we can have. This decision is as much to do with divesting our skillset from fossils as much as it is to do with investing in a beautiful future and our clients who will be a part of that future.

We know there is more we can do. 

For now, we audit our operational emissions annually with Creative Zero, we regularly use Ad Green to calculate our production emissions and have embedded emission reduction into our production workflow. We support Purpose Disruptors, Creatives for Climate and Business Declares and would love to hear from people with other thoughts and ideas for how we can all support the industry into the green economy. 

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