Revolutionising Fashion: RubyMoon's Sustainability Mission

25 June 2024

038 RMP Rubymoon

RubyMoon, a pioneer in sustainable fashion, draws inspiration from the belief that clothing companies can and should positively impact the environment and society. By utilising recycled materials, RubyMoon aims to minimise its environmental footprint and aspires to become the first business to offer fully circular, completely recyclable clothing. The company has also developed innovative technology to recycle swimwear with a low carbon impact, setting new standards in sustainable fashion.

Sourcing sustainable fabrics presents its own challenges, but RubyMoon has forged partnerships with Italian companies to develop recyclable materials, ensuring that every part of their garments is recyclable. This collaboration not only maintains high quality but also helps achieve the brand's sustainability goals. RubyMoon's advertisements empower women by focusing on team sports, featuring real women of all ages involved in environmental work or sports. Monthly community events further foster inclusivity and community spirit, offering activities like yoga, swimming, and beach dancing.

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Highlighting the community aspect, we recently shot content for one of RubyMoon's vibrant events. These events are held monthly on the full moon and include activities such as yoga, swimming, and dancing on the beach, celebrating nearly five years of fostering inclusivity

and community spirit. The footage captured by photographer, Ryan Mero, showcases the authentic and joyful atmosphere of these gatherings, reinforcing RubyMoon's commitment to community and sustainability.

Sophie Broadbent, a Green Party candidate for Hove and Portslade, highlights the connection between sustainability and community involvement. She met Jo Godden, founder from RubyMoon at a local event and admires the brand's commitment to environmental and social causes. Broadbent's background in advertising and climate advocacy as Account Manager at AdGreen, drives her campaign for substantial change, focusing on climate justice, affordable housing, and clean water. Her personal commitment to sustainability is reflected in her daily activities, promoting local businesses, and enjoying the natural beauty of Sussex.

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Through innovative practices and a commitment to empowering women, RubyMoon is not just creating fashion but fostering a movement toward a more sustainable and inclusive future. By prioritising quality, recyclability, and community involvement, RubyMoon exemplifies how fashion can drive positive change in both the environment and society.

Photography by Ryan Mero
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