November 2023 Tree Planting Event With Forests Without Frontiers

29 November 2023

In celebration of National Tree Week we collaborated with our rewilding partners Forests Without Frontiers to help organise a tree planting event at the incredible Wilderlands Farm in Sussex. Bringing together clients, donors, advisors and the local community we listened to talks about habitat restoration, nature conservation, art and community.

As part of the regeneration project at Wilderlands, The Sussex Wildlife Trust were brought in to oversee the planting of 500 hundred trees, made up of thirteen different species, to create a dense hedgerow. This project signifies the beginning of a wider project to re-create nature corridors connecting the High Weald and the coast, increasing the biodiversity of the area.

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"What a great start to this new adventure. Thank you all for making it happen. May the trees grow big and strong and may we plant many more and help restore nature for future generations."
Nicoleta Carpineanu, Founder & Director - Forests Without Frontiers.

The star of the show was Pete the Pond with his incredible knowledge and character, who was joined by his parrot Lottie. 

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To find out more about the important work Forests Without Frontiers do and to support their ongoing projects please make a donation here.

If you or your organisation would be interested in attending a similar event in the future please reach out as we are planning more tree planting dates in February and March 2024.

9. Forests Without Frontiers

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