A Day of Connection and Conservation at Wilderlands

26 June 2024

On World Environment Day, we enjoyed a meaningful day connecting with nature.  Around 40 guests made up of clients, donors, advisors and the local community,  joined us and Forests Without Frontiers at Wilderlands to tend to trees planted during our previous events in November and February. Most guests arrived via public transport and a convenient minibus service from various pick-up points, significantly reducing the carbon impact of the day.

Unlike many tree planting projects, Forests Without Frontiers ensures tree survival through diligent post-planting care. Grass is trimmed from around the bottom of the trees, and nutrient-rich mulch is placed around the base to retain moisture. Thanks to the dedicated volunteers, Forests Without Frontiers boasts an impressive 85% tree survival rate.

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“I just wanted to write a few words to express how enjoyable the Tree Tending day was. My colleagues and I had a very informative, fun and peaceful day. Not only were Angus and Rachel exceptional hosts and looked after us very well but the attention to detail that had gone into the day in terms of education and music and food was all excellent.

I have sent employees on ‘Environment days’ in the past but

the feedback on those was it was all a bit manufactured. With Locate Productions the enthusiasm and passion for the subject matter really came through and was infectious.

I would recommend these days to anybody who wants a day getting back in touch with nature and being amongst like-minded people.”

James Turner, Managing Director, Get Set Hire.

The enriching experience included insightful talks from Steve Jones, also known as Tat Steve, an itinerant woodsman, Nicoletta Carpineanu, founder of Forests Without Frontiers, and melodic performances by talented folk singer Elle Osborne. Huw Williams, the guardian of Wilderlands farm, led a guided walk through the ancient woodland.

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"We learned a great deal from Huw, Nico & Steve about reforesting in Britain - coppice; the cycles of growth; importance of tree tending rather than just planting, the particular and important roles that specific plants and animals play in the overall development and longevity of a natural area and how interconnected they are to each other to thrive.

The day inspired me to continue on the path, seeing it play out in person reminds you of the importance, why it matters and why you care.”

Charles Laird, Laird and Good Company.

It was another wonderful event, nurturing both the environment and our community.

DOP | Clive Shalice
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