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Arla Cravendale

Photography / Catherine Hyland
Agency / Wieden+Kennedy



We headed to open pastures, producing and casting this new OOH campaign for Arla Cravendale. 

Casting cows was a definite highlight, who like us humans all have different characters.  We took many important precautions which were essential when working with 700kg+ live animals on set in order to keep the cow and crew safe including; considering the cow more as a wild animal than a domesticated one along with having back-up cows for those not playing ball. 

Much of the success of the shoot goes to the Arla farmers’ incredible abilities to manage the performance of the cows, alongside the crew on the farm as well as their daily jobs on top. The farmers were cast from a shortlist of Arla Cravendale farmers who had to be signed up to a specific care program with Arla.

This was made all the more enjoyable working with photographer Catherine Hyland, whose great sense of humour, love of nature and early mornings made this shoot a great one all round.

Cravendale 2022 OOH 1
Cravendale 2022 OOH 2

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