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British Gas

Photography / Kate Abbey
Agency / The&Partnership



Working with talented photographer Kate Abbey and The&Partnership, we successfully delivered a suite of stills assets. Capturing genuine moments with real families engaging in their own activities in their homes, it was great to see authentic story telling come to life.

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In 2020 we made a commitment to not work for Fossil Fuel clients. When this enquiry landed we assumed it would fall into that bracket.
We looked into it and consulted with a few organisations which resulted in us taking it on. These were things we weighed up:

- What defines a Fossil fuel brand? Clean Creatives said energy sources needed to be more than 50% from renewables, British Gas at the time were declaring 48%.

- British Gas ranked very high on transparency and are members of the Conscious Advertising Network so it felt that they were on on a genuine path towards net zero.

- The images we shot promoted energy efficiency, energy saving and renewable energy production although we are aware of the issues around greenwashing in advertising.

- The agency were keen to engage us due to our sustainable production work around AdGreen and were keen to be on this journey with them.

- Our business model is based on a project by project basis, often with very small margins, which is very common in the independent production sector. Unfortunately this has an impact on work we take on and when. 

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