Don't Panic X Health Equals OOH Margate

Health Equals

Photographer & Director / Emli Bendixen
Agency / Don't Panic



Did you know your birthplace in the UK could shorten your life by up to 16 years? B Corp agency Don’t Panic and charity Health Equals launched a powerful campaign, ‘Make Health Equal’, to tackle health inequalities and highlight the social discrepancies behind them. Lives are being cut short by things like low paid work, poor housing and polluted air.

Authentic storytelling drives this campaign. Traveling over 3,500 miles (in one van and by train) from Glasgow in the north to Plymouth in the south, and from Margate in the east to Swansea in the west, we captured 50 babies in the comfort of their homes, in the cities where they were born, over eight days.

Seven OOH campaigns will be shown across the UK, and kicked off with a compelling protest event on London's Southbank, even catching the eye of London Live and The Guardian.

Don't Panic X Health Equals OOH Plymouth

Shoutout to photographer & director Emli Bendixen, and producer Matilda Denny for making this challenging production possible.

Find out more and support the campaign.

Don't Panic X Health Equals Stunt Georgia Stephenson
Don't Panic X Health Equals Birmingham OOH
Don't Panic X Health Equals Stunt 1
Don't Panic X Health Equals Stunt 6
Don't Panic X Health Equals Stunt 5

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