B6239 Britvic LE Global 48� YOLISSA 3048X6096

London Essence

Photography / Freddie Helwig
Agency / Prodigious



Crafting the locations for this OOH campaign for London Essence was a fun one! In the true sense of the name we were tasked to find the essence of London, to avoid the obvious and get under its skin, to portray what makes London unique.

B6239 Britvic LE Ocean The Screen Hight St Kensington LEVI 1408X512px V2
B6239 Britvic LE JCD Edinburgh Waverley Stn NAOKO 960X480
B6226 Londonessence NAOKO BODY SERVE V2
B5919 Londonessence YOLISA SERVE V4

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