27 28 ULT Tower10 02839 V01


Photographer & Director / Samuel Hicks
Agency / Dentsu



Put a group of very talented rap artists, MCs, basketball players, BMXers and dancers in a warehouse, on a basketball court or in a penthouse apartment, with a new range of Sony speakers and a very talented photographer and director, and press play.

You get one hell of a shoot.

28 ULT Field7 01512 V4
22 ULT Wear 00883 2

An experience that everyone contributed to and everyone took away with them, plus a load of brilliant images. Well done Samuel Hicks.

22 ULT Wear 00922
26 29 32 33 ULT Tower10 03228 (1)
33 ULT Wear 01656
26 29 32 33 ULT Tower10 03168 V02

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