Stpierre Eatavecrespect Hipster D48 Master KV Artwork (1)

St Pierre

Photographer / Julia Fullerton-Batten
Agency / Fold7



Indulge in the buttery decadence of St Pierre's latest campaign, "Eat Avec Respect." This campaign sets a new tone for the brand, capturing the essence of French passion for food and the heartache of its mistreatment. Featuring three key visuals and one proximity visual, the campaign was shot by renowned photographer Julia Fullerton-Batten, who masterfully brings the emotional narrative to life.

Stpierre Eatavecrespect Sad Girl D6 Master KV Artwork (1)
Stpierre Eatavecrespect Artist D96 Master KV Artwork (1)
Stpierre Eatavecrespect Proximity Burger D6 Master KV Artwork (1)

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