Photographer / Emma Tunbridge
DOP / Gavin Williams

Stills / Moving Image


A campaign shot for Brighton based clothing brand SuperLooper; a children’s clothes rental business that is aligned to the circular economy based on hiring re-used clothes for babies and children rather than buying. The benefits are endless; you save money, provide your child with ever changing types of clothing, support your local economy, cut back on waste and significantly reduce CO2e emissions.

We pulled together a fantastic crew, including creative director Robbie Greatrex at Mere Mortals, Emma Tunbridge for photography and directing, Gavin Williams for camera and post work and Edward Critchley for sound design plus many more. A massive thank you to you all for your time and effort pulling it all together.

Screenshot 2023 04 05 At 16.02.05
220729 Superlooper SHOT 15 0114
220729 Superlooper SHOT 10 1231
220729 Superlooper SHOT 01 0639
220729 Superlooper SHOT 10 1313
220729 Superlooper SHOT 09 1149

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