The Sussex Peasant

Photographer & Director / Paul Winter

Moving Image / Stills


Emma - Pitfield Barn Flowers

A series of six short films, shot around Sussex for a pop-up farmers market called The Sussex Peasant, who source produce from a network of local farmers and producers in the week and sell at a range of sites around Brighton and other towns every weekend.

The stories explore the importance of nutrition, regenerative agriculture and biodiversity.  They talk about embracing ‘local and seasonal’, community, and how like-minded people are helping each other overcome the challenges of climate change.

Rosa - Laines Farm

The Sussex Peasant is a living example of a solution to a major contributing factor to the climate crises whilst improving the quality of peoples lives. Above all else this model connects the customer and producer so that people know where their food is from and builds a circular relationship based on trust and respect.

Real stories, about real people, living the future.

David - Flint Owl Bakery

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Ben & Bryony - Allwood Farm

Q522 Locate Sussexpeasant 585 2500Px Srgb
Q522 Locate Sussexpeasant 519 2500Px Srgb

Bob & Lizzie - Oast Farm Buxted

Q522 Locate Sussexpeasant 1211 2500Px Srgb

Jayne & Michael - Jacobs Ladder

Brand Film

Thanks to the team of people who came together to make it happen, including Nina Evans and Ed Johnstone at Sussex Peasant.

Photographer / Director: Paul Winter
DOP: Gavin Williams at Loud City
Camera / Photo Assistant and Editor: Ryan Mero
Producer: Angus Light
Grading: Matt Jones
Drone Pilot: Clive Shalice
Creative Design: Mere Mortals

We want to make a special thank you to Michael Duveen from Jacob's Ladder Farms, who very shortly after filming the video passed away - he has been an inspiration to many and we believe his words will continue to inspire others.

Q522 Locate Sussexpeasant 1146 2500Px Srgb

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