A06663 AU23 ACQ L C025

The White Company

Photography / Ben Weller



A06663 AU23 ACQ L C040
A06933 AU23 AIC L C172

We shot this Autumn Winter campaign for the White Company on photographer Ben Weller’s own turf with the help of our Producers, Alex Hill and Matilda Denny. As well as having a positive impact on the local economy, shooting local had a huge impact on emissions compared to travelling to South Africa. Styling and production teams travelled in by train from London and we took it from there.

A06060 AU23 AGH L C127
A05860 AU23 ACQ L C025
A07397 AU23 AIX L C143
A07397 AU23 AIX L C003
A06712 AU23 AFX L C 174

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