TAH Final Campaign 3

Tough at Heart

Photography / Julia Fullerton-Batten
Agency / FCB Health NY



One of our finest examples of remote shooting was this production shot in a studio in London. Working with photographer / director Julia Fullerton-Batten and production designer Rhea Thierstein we produced three key visuals and cinemagraph's of people in picturesque environments, with everything shot in camera.  

Working with a creative team out of FCB Health New York we collaborated thoroughly throughout the pre-production process to fine tune the set design, casting and styling then provide a seamless dial-in facility in order for the agency and client to engage in the shoot process.

The results were a set of incredible images, winning a merit in the pharma category of the One Show Awards, a very content and satisfied agency and a significant reduction in carbon emissions. 

TAH Final Campaign 1
TAH Final Campaign 2

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