Celebrating Earth Day

22 April 2024

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Earlier this week we celebrated Earth Day with a special event at Studio by Sea, Brighton. Around 50 guests joined us for an evening of inspirational storytelling from local Sussex purpose-led businesses.

It was a wonderful experience to screen six films about local Sussex producers and suppliers, all produced by us and captured by the talented Paul Winter, which in turn led to discussions around the importance of regenerative businesses.

On-brief, delicious bowl food was served by Pulse Kitchen, created by Co-founder Yens Hannibal, from left-over produce from The Sussex Peasant mobile farm shop. 

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Our good friends at Forests Without Frontiers joined us, who we have planted over 23,000 trees with over the last four years by adding a 1% for nature to our invoices. Founder, Nico Carpaneau talked about their initiatives to bring nature back to life and their rewilding projects in the Capathian mountains in Romania, and here in the UK in Devon and Sussex.

Plans were announced about our next collaborative event, a Tree Tending Day Event on Wednesday 5th June. For a taster of what’s involved, watch the film here.

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The Sussex Peasant founder, Ed Johnstone gave an interesting insight into how the business came about and how he supports and collaborates with local growers of vegetables, flowers, meat farmers and bakers, to bring the mobile farm shop to different corners across Sussex.

We heard the fascinating story from Michael Kennard, Founder of Compost Club, about how he collects domestic and commercial food waste and turns it into a natural, nutrient living soil.

Guests left feeling inspired and part of a like-minded community of people. Look out for more opportunities to connect soon.

Photography by Ryan Mero.
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